Alexa, what’s next?

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Wednesday, December 9 2020
12:00 - 12:45

A new Alexa skill is quickly built and certified at Amazon. Depending on its complexity, this process can be completed in a few weeks. The same applies to Google Actions. But some people put their hands in their laps afterwards and wonder why their new, innovative voice application does not go through the roof. History repeats itself: 25 years ago, with the advent of the World Wide Web, many HTML projects were published whose content was not updated for a long time. Today nobody would launch a website or a smartphone app and then leave it to itself. Why should it be different with an Alexa skill, a Google Action or a Bixby capsule? In this session you will learn about strategies and solutions to make your voice application up-to-date, interactive and interesting. Use the existing tools of the providers and make sure that your content can easily be kept up-to-date. We will also look at the insights and modernization measures from the three-year operation of one of the first German-speaking Alexa Skills.

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