Future of Home Entertainment: Connecting Disparate Voice Platforms for Seamless Control

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Wednesday, December 9 2020
16:45 - 17:30

75% of U.S. households are forecasted to own an in-home voice technology device by 2025. The current challenge is, Alexa- and Google Assistant-based devices or Siri-enabled iPhones don’t play nice together. People want their home technology to work seamlessly—especially when it comes to entertainment, but at the moment it doesn’t. Flexibility is key to the voice-enabled future, and the age of closed ecosystems is being dismantled. Brendon and his team envision a future where all voice systems work in concert. The brains behind the only Audio/Visual brands to support Google, Amazon and Alexa voice assistants concurrently (Denon and Marantz), Brendon sees Audio/Visual Receivers as a solution for the fragmented voice market. These AVRs bridge voice ecosystems and ensure everything works together in [relative] harmony. Brendon views voice control as a natural evolution in how we interact with our products, just as the remote control revolutionized how we interact with entertainment decades ago. In the future, Brendon believes AI will step in more and more to make control decisions for us. Imagine saying, “Play The Avengers from Amazon Prime,” and your AVR turns everything on, sets your custom couch settings, dims the lights and starts the movie.

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