Tackling the Discoverability Problem in Voice Apps

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Tuesday, December 10 2019
15:30 - 16:15
Salon 6+7

A voice application has the purported benefit of the user being able to invoke any functionality at any time. But voice applications cannot do everything, and, with no menus, hover help, or other such indicators it is hard to educate the user in what it is possible for a specific application to do. TsaTsaTzu has met with great success in creating feature rich, complex applications, that retain the ability to be easy to learn. We present our approach, based on Cicero’s Method of Loci, that maps to functionality space of your application to a geography that the user navigates. Since our brains are built to be spatially aware, exploring this and remembering where to go to get to previously discovered functionality is intuitive.

Behind the Tracks