Mario Johansson

Mario Johansson
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Mario Johansson

Nagler & Company Austria

Mario Johansson loves to dive deeper into the world of voice every day since he first discovered Amazon Alexa in mid 2017.

The knowledge about programming in various languages, understanding of customer needs and the ability to market product solutions are some essential key skills Mario gathered during his Masters degree in business informatics and his more than 8 years of practical work.

He also has a deep understanding of data privacy and protection which he accumulated during 4 years of consulting some major European investment banks during the process of digitalization.

He not only has 50+ Alexa Skills live spread across all the different Amazon Skill Stores, but is also delivering his insights and knowledge to various business customers. In his demanding role as a manager in a consulting firm Mario transformed essential enterprise business processes to Voice using Amazon Alexa with great employee response.

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