Behavioral Bot Design – Optimize chat bots and voice assistants with behavioral patterns

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Tuesday, December 8 2020
13:30 - 14:15

Since the term PsyConversion has become famous we now how important observing Behavior Patterns in the field of e-commerce is: by stimulating unconsciously running "programs" the user is "instinctively" brought to the goal – with a higher satisfaction on the customer side. Now the realization goes one step further. PsyConversation refers to the communication taking place online. From a technical point of view the different digital language assistants and chatbots are very similar in their abilities. But thanks to PsyConversation the experience with these systems can be optimized on an emotional level. The already known Behavior Patterns can also be used in a slightly modified form in conversations between humans and machines: When should a system, based on artificial intelligence, react how and why? How can the user experience also be fundamentally improved in conversations? An expert provides more information.

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