Feeling the future: how emotions help us design for tomorrow

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Wednesday, December 9 2020
13:45 - 14:15

In the world that is increasingly divided, people are demanding more. As customers and communities adapt their everyday lives, we look to understand their needs and behaviours – but what about understanding their emotions? This vital design dimension is often ignored and yet, as designers, we are ultimately responsible for connecting with people by making them feel!     

How do we bring a sense of emotion to emerging technologies and products to create more meaning and bring humanity back into our interactions? We design experiences that are as layered as us humans. 

Building connection - both real and virtual – is the foundation. Let’s use Emotional Design to embrace the change we are facing today and make the world a better place through creativity tomorrow.

Join Yasmin and Greet as they explore what emotion will look like in tomorrow’s world and how this will impact design by pushing us to look beyond.

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