Voice and Cars: An opportunity for hands-free entertainment

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Tuesday, December 8 2020
11:45 - 12:30

Cars had voice recognition long before smart speakers flooded the living rooms. Though the UX has been poor for a long time and the use cases were limited to navigation tasks. With more and more car manufacturers partnering with voice platforms the use cases became broader. More and more voice apps focus on the daily commute or long travels and try to entertain drivers and passengers. The environment and context of a car ride is special: the driver is in a stationary position and focused on traffic. Driver distraction is a issue that needs to be avoided as long as we are not in the autonomous era yet. Not many studies and best practices exist at the moment.
To overcome this problem and to start building we have been working together with the mediennetzwerk bayern Mediendemonstrator. They offer a VR in car experience and a platform that is built for rapid prototyping and focused on media consumption and entertainment. We have built some prototypes of voice experiences and like to share our expertise with in car-voice experiences.
Systematically developing compelling voice-first in car use cases
Thinking strategically about product extensions beyond the smart speaker voice ecosystem

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