Privacy and Personalization in Voice Apps

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Tuesday, December 10 2019
16:30 - 17:15
Salon 6+7

Tailoring the experience for your user is a main focus of many efforts today in technology, especially in voice experiences. However, there are drawbacks and certain circumstances that personalization cause users to abandon or refuse technology. In some aspects of life, such as hospitality, hospitals, retail, and other services that occur outside of the home, social expectations tend to flip between being known (such as a nurse knowing your name and reasons for being in the hospital) and being anonymous (such as browsing in a store). Yet, much of our technology is driving towards ever more personalized experience, which requires intimate knowledge of the user across settings. 

Drawing from research into privacy and user expectations, we’ll outline some guidelines and approaches to balancing the user’s needs for personalization and expectations of anonymity and privacy, and how to design an experience that makes users feel safe and respected. 

From my background in communications and political science, I draw upon research into privacy and expectations in public/private spaces, and extrapolate the concepts into how voice technologies are being built and delivered today and potentially in the near future.

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