Is voice relevant to your business?

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Wednesday, December 5 2018
14:30 - 15:00

As user behaviour continues to shift to voice-based activities, brand managers are wondering “Is voice relevant to my business?” To help answer that question, we’ll explore whether yours is a voice-first company or, rather, if a “voice as a channel” strategy is better suited to reaching your customers.

In this session, we’ll share an evaluation companies need to undertake to help you decide the best path forward in voice. We’ll examine common business types that should be thinking about a voice-first strategy. For those, we will look at factors to help determine whether to develop an O&O customer-facing Voice Interface Application, factors when considering multimodal devices, and whether to develop for a single platform or multiple platforms.

For those better suited to a “voice as a channel” strategy, we’ll review how to optimize your digital experience for voice search, inclusion in the Google marketplace, and how to leverage existing data to inform future voice decisions. We will share “voice as a channel” strategy tactics to connect with consumers who are engaging with Voice Interface Applications including content development, partnership evaluation, distribution and audience engagement.

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