Swisscom Voice Assistant

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Tuesday, December 10 2019
14:15 - 15:00
Salon 6+7

Swisscom was recently the first telco company in Europe to launch a new TV box with integrated Voice Assistant. The Voice Assistant enables the central control of Swisscom offers and services: Swisscom TV and music can now be controlled conveniently with voice and without remote control. Customers can also request TV tips for the day, ask for weather forecasts, control WLAN and router services and display photos from the in-house cloud service myCloud on the large TV screen. The devices of the most popular Smart Home providers can also be addressed in High German, French, Italian and English using the Voice Assistant. Many more exciting functions will follow. Riccardo will report on challenges & learnings during product development and then execute a live demo of the Swisscom Voice Assistant. has collaborated with Swisscom in designing the Voice User Interface (VUI) for the Swisscom Voice Assistant. Christoph will give some insights into how Swisscom brand values were brought alive in the voice interactions with the new Swisscom Assistant.

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