Making the Go/No-Go Decision

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Wednesday, December 9 2020
15:45 - 16:30

There are many challenges and barriers to doing business in Voice. Some can be overcome, others are insurmountable. Not all of these reasons may be applicable to all, but companies wishing to pursue ventures in this field should be aware of what makes it hard, and make sure they plan for dealing with that.
In the first section we look at the field. What business plans have been successful, and which have not. We look at where that leads the field.
In the next section we look at the structural barriers. We explain why these are there, and what can, or cannot, be done about them. We examine how this has lead to the current field.
In the next section of the talk we will plot TsaTsaTzu’s trajectory. We will cover the investments made, the results obtained, and our conclusion that further investment would not bring us closer to our business goals.
Lastly, we provide a yardstick that you can use to measure your own goals. Are you adopting an approach that has proven unsuccessful? If so, what are you doing differently to avoid the same result? Are you adopting a proven successful approach? If so, what are you doing to distinguish yourself?

Behind the Tracks