Dr. Pieter Buteneers

Dr. Pieter Buteneers
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Dr. Pieter Buteneers


Pieter Buteneers is an industrial and ICT-electronics engineer.
He started his career in academia, first as a PhD student and later as a postdoc, where he did research on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Brain Computer Interfaces and Epilepsy. He won the first prize in the biggest Deep Learning competition of 2015 together with a team of machine learners from Ghent University: the National Data Science Bowl hosted on kaggle.com.
For a while he worked as a Data Strategy and Machine Learning Consultant. He trained managers and developers to build new strategies and implement Machine Learning algorithms with the aim to extract the most value from their data.
In 2019 he became the CTO of Chatlayer.ai, a platform to build multilingual chatbots ‘who’ communicate on a human level. In 2020 Chatlayer.ai was acquired by Sinch and now Pieter leads all Machine Learning efforts at Sinch as Director of Engineering in ML & AI.

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