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How voice technologies are changing the hospitality industry

Speech assistants are becoming increasingly popular not only in the entertainment and gaming sectors. Other industries are also facing a voice revolution, such as the hospitality industry. Gurvinder Singh is a hotel entrepreneur who has been using language technology as an early adopter for many years. In an interview, he talks about his experiences and gives insights into what makes a voice assistant successful.

Convince your boss to master voice technology

You're longing for new ideas, connecting with like-minded devs and widen your horizon? The Voice Conference is the place to be. We help you out convincing your boss to send you to the Voice Conference with the help of some renowned bots and voice assistants of the pop-culture.

Programming Alexa Skills with Python – how does it work?

Have you already created an Alexa Skill? Are you interested? Francisco Rivas is a voice expert at Navteca and will give a talk at VoiceCon 2019 about how Alexa Skills can be developed with Python. We caught up with him for an interview to talk about Alexa, Python and the voice revolution we’re facing right now.

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