How Voice Search is Evolving: Using Insights from Alexa Voice Search

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Wednesday, December 8 2021
11:30 - 12:15

Voice Search data is currently very scarce, with figures, numbers and assumptions surrounding Voice Search all originating from ‘off the cuff’ quotes either from Google executives, or from surveys, and therefore are not that reliable.

To combat this, Rabbit & Pork have compiled live data based on real Alexa Voice Searches performed by everyday users. Using this data, in his talk, John Campbell will cover off:

  • How typical voice searches are structured
  • Pre and post COVID-19 trends
  • Time of day voice search trends according to topic, and day of the week
  • Topics – second screening, product research and education
  • How Alexa Skills/data providers can plug gaps in voice assistants capabilities
  • Where users’ expectations are going to go towards the future

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